If ordering in bulk (five (5) or more computers), special discounts may apply; please contact our sales department (sales@niridia.com) to get a quote.

Also, please allow a greater amount of time for the construction of your systems.  We offer two types of shipping schedules:

Staggered - by staggering the shipping schedule, a small number of systems are shipped at certain intervals over a period of time.  You will receive the initial shipment quickly, but the total amount of time it will take to fulfill your entire order may take longer than if all systems are shipped at once.
All At Once - by shipping all your systems at once, you may not receive your order as quickly.  However, fulfilling your order may not take as long as the staggered approach.

We do not provide a rush service; if you absolutely need your systems in less than two weeks, we can build one for you using non-Niridia cases.  Be advised, that our warranty will not cover defects in the case, its input / output ports, its power supply (we will still cover any internal electronic components we installed), or any damages to internal system components as a result of a defect in the case.  If you need to make a warranty claim on the case, you will have to contact the manufacturer of the case in order to do so.  Also, we will only provide limited hardware support in relation to any non-Niridia case, as we do not own its design.  If you have any additional questions about ordering in bulk, please contact the sales department.


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