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Niridia Computer Systems is a small form factor, designer computer boutique, based in Southwest Ohio. We specialize in hand-crafted, artfully designed, super compact, small form-factor computer systems that – while small and elegant – still retain the functionality expected in bulkier, less attractive desktop computer systems over three times the size of a Niridia personal computer system.

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with outstanding electronic computer systems, devices, and supportive services that challenge your perception of computer systems and electronic devices. In addition, we aim to provide attractively designed and superbly hand-crafted computer systems at price points comparable to our closest competitors. With our robust, yet attractive systems, you have the freedom to install a Niridia personal computing system anywhere, without fear of ruining the aesthetics of your carefully designed space.

Once you’ve tried a Niridia personal computing system, you’ll find that the cheaper computer systems offered by our competitors, simply cannot compete with the looks, performance, and lasting value inherent in ours.
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