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Order and Shipping
Send any questions, information, or feedback pertaining to an order you have placed, to this email address. When using this email address, always provide your order number, along with your name.

Purchase and Quote
Send any questions or information to this email address, if you would like to receive additional information on ordering in bulk, information on customized computer system configurations, or would like to setup a personalized build consultation.

Servicing and Repair
If you would like additional information about servicing and repair options offered by Niridia, or have questions about our service and repair options, please send an email to this address.

Send any questions you may have about the warranty on our computer systems, to this email address. Also use this email when making a warranty claim; make sure you provide your name and the service number located on the base of your system for quick reply.

Send any questions and return information to this email address. When applying for a return, please ensure you’ve provided your original invoice number for quick reply.

Software Support &
Send any questions, error reports, and feature requests to this address. This only applies to software created and branded by Niridia Computer Systems; sending questions or error reports on other software (i.e. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc.) will not result in a resolution to your issue.

Public Relations
Send any requests for media, press releases, and detailed product information to this email address. When making requests, please provide your name, and the website and / or publication you are disseminating the information to.

System Review
Send system review requests to this email address. Please provide your name, and the name of the website and / or publication you are providing the review for. We will research the website and / or publication, and provide a system based on the target audience of the publication. If your publication would like to review a specific computer system, they will need to provide a brief explanation (one sentence is fine) of why they want that specific system (i.e. if your publication is doing a “round-up” of super-small, super-cheap computer systems).

Send all other correspondence to this e-mail address if you would like to receive additional information on our products, services, or anything else.
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