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Compared to some of our larger competitors, Niridia Computer Systems offers a comprehensive and value-oriented warranty:

  • Shipping is paid for (both ways) for the first six (6) months of your computer’s warranty, and one way for the remaining eighteen (18) months of the warranty. If a warranty claim is made within the first thirty (30) days of ownership, the shipping method originally used, is used for the warranty claim (if you originally had your system shipped overnight, it will be shipped overnight to us, and back to you). After that, only ground services will be used.
  • Our systems come with two (2) years of hardware support. Software support is handled by a third party, and is available for one (1) year. If you decide you would like to subscribe to their services for a longer period, please let us know.
  • Each computer system comes with lifetime free labor; if you buy a system from us, and need a repair made outside your warranty period, you’ll only have to pay for the parts and shipping. This feature can also be used if you need additional aftermarket components installed.

Niridia Computer Systems warrants that all our personal computing systems will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of shipment. This warranty is transferable to the next owner, should you re-sell, or give your computer to another party. When requesting technical assistance, you must have the operating system number affixed to the computer system's ID tag. Technical assistance through Niridia Computer Systems is limited to hardware only (i.e. broken buttons, disk drives, fans, etc.); assistance with the Windows operating system is handled through a third-party for one (1) year; additional service past the initial one (1) year period, can be obtained at your leisure. This warranty is void if the claim being made is a result of improper installation, handling, natural disasters, and / or unauthorized modifications and components (both hardware and software); these include, but are not limited to:

  • External shells that impede the function of the vents and fans.
  • External or internal devices (i.e. lighting, fans, expansion cards, etc.) that consume electricity beyond the capacity of the installed power supply unit (i.e. if you have an 80 watt power supply, do not install a device that increases the total wattage drawn by all components in the system, beyond the capacity of the power supply).
  • Installation of the computer system in an area that the instruction manual specifies it should not be placed.
  • Visible damage to the exterior of the case, or interior components caused by negligence (i.e. knocking the system off a desk, not unplugging the system during a thunderstorm, installing the system in the vicinity of animals, etc.).

If a component fails or is found to be defective, and a claim is made within the warranty period, Niridia Computer Systems will replace the part with a new or reconditioned part (at our option) with the same (or better) features. If the part is no longer available, a replacement part of equal or greater capabilities will be used. If you elect to install additional internal components, it is your responsibility that you ensure the components are compatible with the power supply unit, as well as any other components it affects. We are not responsible for the failure of pre-installed parts caused by improper installation of after-market peripherals and / or internal components. We are also not responsible for any damages to personal property as a result of the failure of pre-installed components or aftermarket components (i.e. if any component in your system catches your desk on fire, we are not held liable for any damages).

Niridia Computer Systems is not held liable for, nor does this warranty cover data recovery expenses due to data loss caused by a defective hard drive, motherboard, expansion card, external devices, and any other devices and peripherals attached to the computer system. Niridia Computer Systems advocates that you back up all important data on a regular basis, onto an external or other internal hard drive. Each system comes with a CD containing software that allows you to do a 1:1 copy of a hard drive. Please create a schedule, and use this software to periodically backup your system hard drive (or any other drives) to a secondary back up hard drive. If the original hard drive needs to be replaced (and you have backed up the contents of the original hard drive to a secondary one), we ask that you provide the secondary drive, so we may copy its contents to the replacement drive.

Our repair schedule is 5 – 10 business days once we have received your computer. If any replacement parts are needed, they will most likely need to be ordered; if this extends the repair schedule beyond 10 days, we will contact you with options for proceeding with the repair of your computer system. If your system is being repaired within warranty, we will cover the shipping costs utilizing one of the following procedures:
  1. We will email you a shipping label. Print out the label, and take the label with you when dropping the box off at a UPS store. The associates at the counter will help you affix the label to the box.
  2. We will schedule a pick up through UPS. Make sure your system and all components are boxed and ready to ship. The UPS delivery person will arrive at your home or place of business with a return label to affix to the package. We cannot specify the times in which UPS will pick up your package; however, they will make three attempts if they are unable to retrieve your package.

If you attempt to ship your computer system in a method not outlined in the procedures listed above (i.e. sending the system USPS Priority), you will not be reimbursed for your shipment.

All return shipments to Niridia Computer Systems should be shipped back to us in the same manner it was originally shipped to you. If you’ve thrown out the boxes, and other packing materials, you will need to obtain new boxes and materials from your local office supply store; you will not be reimbursed for the cost of obtaining additional shipping supplies. Any damages incurred to the computer system as a result of negligent packaging, will be recovered via your refund (i.e. if you return a system to us without proper packing material, and it’s damaged during shipment, you will receive a refund minus the cost to fix the damaged computer system).

It is important to note, that the manufacturers of some of the components in your system may have their own warranties that extend beyond the one year warranty offered by Niridia Computer Systems. If any of these parts fails within the manufacturer’s warranty, it is your responsibility to pursue and obtain the replacement part. If you would like to take advantage of our lifetime of free labor service, you will need to pay for shipping of the computer system and part(s) to and from Niridia Computer Systems. Please contact our service department (service@niridia.com) prior to sending the computer system and any components. If you plan to replace the part your self, we still request that you fill-out, and email a service form detailing the part failure. This will help us in continuing to provide reliable hardware components in all our personal computing devices.

If you have any questions about our warranty that were not answered in this overview, please contact our warranty department: warranty@niridia.com
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