Explore an Endless Universe of Digital Entertainment with the Nebeuli
Enjoy your ever-growing library of movies, music, pictures, and games almost anywhere; served to you by one device.


Dayton, OH (July 2, 2013) - Niridia Computer Systems is excited to announce the launch of a new Indiegogo campaign for their Nebeuli entertainment system.  A beautifully compact system, capable of presenting a never-ending galaxy of gaming worlds in crystal-clear 1080p. Project your favorite movies in flawless HD, tame and serve-up your music and podcasts, share your personal media with family, friends and other devices; and expand its’ capabilities through a nearly endless supply of accessories.  In other words: a coalescence of your entertainment galaxy in a beautifully crafted, singular device.  This…is the Nebeuli.

Beyond Console
The Nebeuli is more than just another living room console.  Because it's a PC at its core, you have immediate access to the near-limitless sources of your favorite media.  Purchase and stream music, and movies from a plethora of websites.  Upload, edit, and share personal videos and music from any source - all on one machine.  And, with "Plex" as its' default media hub, you're free to enjoy your music, movie, and picture collection wherever you are, whenever you want.  With a vast and ever-expanding library of PC-based games, you'll never run out of worlds to explore.  Utilize the SteamTM game management software (or whichever game management software you prefer) to gain access to a vast ever-expanding cloud of gaming goodness.  The same systems used to power unforgettable gaming experiences for the masses, can even be used in the creation of ever greater, beautifully crafted worlds.

Beyond Controllers
With the Nebeuli, you're free to augment its capabilities with peripherals that continue to expand its' usefulness for years to come.  While traditional consoles provide a handful of compatible accessories, the Nebeuli has access to an already hefty array of devices and peripherals in which it can interact.  Turn your favorite phone, tablet, or other device into a controller, or create your own for use with a specific game.

Beyond Connected
The Nebeuli goes beyond keeping you connected with your on-line friends.  By signing up for the companion "myPlex", you can stream and share your media anywhere you are!  Purchase your favorite music, movies, or TV shows, store it on the Nebeuli, and - with "myPlex" - stream it to any device connected to your account, via the "Plex" app (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC, Roku, GoogleTV, etc.) or a web browser.  Stay connected with your extended family and friends by sharing your personal home movies and pictures, even if they're thousands of miles away.

Beyond "Good Enough"
In the Nebeuli, the hardware is highly customizable, allowing you to expand or create your own configurations.  Develop your own brand of games and/or hardware compositions.  Take the community by storm with radical hardware arrangements and innovative game designs.  The Nebeuli enables you to be the Creator not just the User.

The Indiegogo Campaign
With the help of the Indiegogo community, Niridia will rocket the Nebeuli into the forefront of entertainment system markets.  Niridia is seeking to raise $180,000 to fund the creation and release of the final, mass-produced version of the Nebeuli.  Funds will go towards refinement of the final products. We plan to release a standard version (costing around $700), and an ultra-powerful version (costing around $1,800).  For details on our Indiegogo campaign, head over to our campaign page at:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-nebeuli

About Niridia
Niridia Computer Systems is a boutique business, based in Southwest Ohio.  We specialize in hand-crafted, artfully designed, super compact, small form-factor computer systems. While small and elegant, our computers retain the functionality expected in bulkier, less attractive desktop computer systems over three times the size.  For additional information on Niridia and our product offerings, visit our website:  http://www.niridia.com .  For policy and other information about Niridia, visit our information page at:  http://www.niridia.com/Ingress/Information

PR Contact
Darin Woods
Chief Technical Officer