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Welcome to the Laboratory sector of Niridia!

Here, our electrotists continually discover new and exciting electrolements (pronounced: ee-lec-trawl-uh-mints) pertaining to the field of electronic computing. Electrolements are personal computing devices designed and built by Niridia; in other words, we believe they will serve as the most irreplaceable electronic element in your daily routines.

After the initial phases of discovery and examination, our electrotists excitedly send new electrolements to our Maturation sector for further evaluation and system configuration. Once the electrolement has matured, it is sent to our Launch sector, effectively releasing the new electrolement to the public.

Recently, our electrotists have worked toward launching their first discovery! The new electrolement unearthed by our electrotists has been dubbed aH (long name: Austere Hexahedron). Click on its electrolement symbol below, to head to the aH product page:

Our electrotists are constantly discovering new and exotic electrolements; check back often for the newest information.

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The Niridia Laboratory
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