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Austere Hexahedron
a severely simple six sided figure
Small, unassuming, and quiet; our Austere Hexahedron (aH) line of personal computing devices employ an incredibly simple design while providing real versatility. And unlike other computing devices of similar size, the aH line of electrolements (pronounced: ee-lec-trawl-uh-mints) provide the same functionality as systems 5 times its size all in an unobtrusive and attractive design.

By combining blazingly fast multi-core, multi-threaded processors, with equally brisk storage arrays and memory modules; the aH - regardless of size - elegantly tears away at the most complex and daunting of computational tasks, in mere seconds.
The aH is capable of increasing or decreasing its volume based on the amount of power generated by its core modules, or at the request of the patron for which the system is being configured. Larger aH electrolements can store more data and connect to more peripherals for greater functionality and productivity. Smaller systems - while compact - still provide ample functionality for a myriad of tasks.

The aH's main shell is available in a multitude of colors, allowing it to compliment your decor (making it an excellent design item). The aH's shape and configuration also allows for the use of custom shells; updating the aH's appearance, without affecting internal structures and peripherals.

The aH's decibel range is dependant on the configuration of its internal modules. As expected, a larger system - or one with more powerful components - makes for a slightly noisier electrolement, while one with more relaxed modules, is almost inaudible.
Despite the aH's small stature, this electrolement's core can store an enormous amount of binary information; ranging from a conservative 6 terabytes (6,000,000 megabytes), to a more liberal 12 terabytes (12,000,000 megabytes) for systems with a relatively larger shell.
Whether you prefer a configuration that sips or gulps electrons, the aH can accomodate your needs with an estimated wattage range of under 60 watts for our restrained dual-core systems, to a slightly more hedonistic 900 watts in our most powerful systems.

Additional Information
Dimensions: 228 millimeters x 228 millimeters x 123 millimeters (8.98 inches x 8.98 inches x 4.84 inches)
*Measurements are taken without the case feet installed; the case feet increase the height by about 12 millimeters.

LED Indicators: White, Red, Amber, Green, Blue, and Ultraviolet

Customization Options: Under Glow, Body Shells

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Lobby Configurations Images
View the aH brochure. View the aH brochure. View the aH brochure.

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