How to Read the Charts

The chart will contain points relating a property of each manufacturer's computer, to its cost.  In the example to the left, the point is mapped in relation to the computer system's processor speed and price.  The average of all the systems being compared is also mapped, and serves as a good indication of whether or not the system is a good value.  The area highlighted in green represents systems that are considered a good value.  Any systems that fall in the red area, are considered of diminished value.  Systems that fall on the line, are considered OK, as they follow the trend set by the average point.  The charts displayed below compare an attribute (i.e. processor speed, hard drive capacity, etc.) across three different trim levels (Budget, Mid-Level, and Maximum).

Processor Speed Comparison

Amongst the budget models, the Moiety Edition looks to be the worst value out of all competitors.  However, if you consider the proximity of all the systems to the average point, the Zino HD seems a bit more lacking.  While the Zino HD does offer a price that's considerably below average, its also evident that it's processing capabilities are just as extraordinarily below average.  In this comparison, Shuttle's G2 3100 would be the best value if you were looking for the most bang for your buck; you receive higher than average processing speeds, for a price that's reasonably higher than average.

When comparing the mid-level trims, the out-come looks to be the same.  The Shuttle G2 3100 still offers the most bang for your buck.  However, most might not feel a $1,200 computer is considered "mid-level"; if viewed in that way, Niridia's aH Moiety and Apple's Mac Mini, would be a good trade-off.  Both offer processor speeds below average (with Niridia offering slightly better speed - at a slightly lower price - than Apple), with prices that match their capabilities.

With the maximum models, it's clear that the Shuttle G2 3100 is clearly a better value, considering that its speed is hugely greater than average, while its price is just a bit above average.  Niridia is the only manufacturer that comes close, but with a price that's significantly greater than Shuttle's, and a processor that's a hair slower.

Among the processor comparisons, it's evident that Shuttle's G2 3100 offers a speedy processor, for a great value.  With that in mind, we should consider the tasks the computer will perform, before making conclusions based on processor speed.  When performing tasks such as media content creation (video/sound editing, CAD drawing, photo editing, etc.), having a super fast processor is ideal.  However, if the computer is to be used for simple tasks such as watching movies, surfing the internet, or productivity software, a mid to low-range processor would fit your needs perfectly.  In this case, you would benefit from the mid-level computer system offered by Niridia.  Its processor speed is slightly below average, however, so is its price.  And when compared to Apple's Mac Mini, it's a slightly better deal, as you get a faster processor for less.  But, a computer is more than just a processor; when comparing systems, we should also consider its other traits to glean a more complete picture of the computer system's value.

Memory Comparison

Of the budget models, the Dell Zino HD has a slightly above average memory capacity, for a decidedly lower than average price.  In this comparison, the Dell would be the better value.  It's also noted, that the Shuttle system is remarkably below average in memory capacity, for a slightly above average price.  Both Niridia and Apple offer memory capacity for an average price (Apple's price being slightly above average).

In the mid-level models; the trend continues for the Shuttle system, as it still offers below average memory capacity for above average prices.  The Dell and Apple systems offer systems with higher than average memory capacity, for lower than average prices (with Dell being considerably lower).  While Niridia's system may not seem like a good deal; consider that it's memory capacity to price relationship is almost in line with the trend set by the averages.  Which puts it somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Again, both the Shuttle and Dell systems continue their respective trends, with the Dell being of good value, and the Shuttle being less than.  Puget and Apple both follow the trend line set by the average; Niridia is, again, toward the middle of the pack.  While our system provides an above average memory capacity, it only provides the same capacity as the Dell and Puget systems, and for a price that's above the average.

Among the memory comparisons, it would seem that Dell's Zino HD offers the most memory, at a greater value.  Having a large memory capacity aids in situations in which you're using programs that require a lot of memory in order to run quickly and efficiently.  Larger capacity is also great if you like to run many programs at once, or are running media editing or viewing programs.  Looking at just the memory data, it would seem the Dell is a pretty good value; but if we also take into account the comparisons we did of the processor speeds, we can see that the Dell isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Looking at just the mid-level models, we can see that even though Niridia's system offers only 3 Gigabytes of memory (compared with Dell's 4 Gigabytes), our system offers almost twice the processing speed of the Dell Zino HD.  Allowing you to convert or compress video and other media on a Niridia system markedly quicker than on the Dell.  So, with the addition of the processor comparison, it's a bit more clearer where the value lies; looking at just the mid-level systems, it would seem Apple's Mac Mini and Niridia's Austere Hexahedron are neck-in-neck in terms of value.

Hard Drive Storage Comparison

In the budget trims, Apple, Shuttle, and Puget offer systems with below average capacity, for above average prices.  Both Niridia and Dell offer systems of good value, with Dell being slightly better, due to its below average price.  A case can also be made for Niridia's system, as it offers considerably above average capacity, for a decidedly average price.

For the mid-level trim comparison, everyone shifts dramatically, except for Apple; their position is slightly lower than in the budget comparison.  Dell takes a bit of a dip into the below average capacity area, and a bit of an increase in price.  Shuttle and Puget remain above average in price, but with above average capacities.  Niridia seems to be a good value since we are slightly below average on price, with a slightly higher than average capacity.  Although, Shuttle's G2 3100 has considerably more capacity for a reasonably higher than average price; so this would depend on your needs.

In the comparison of systems with the maximum trim level; the Dell, Apple, and Puget systems are less of a value.  Both the Dell and Apple systems have considerably below average capacities (with Apple being noticably lower than Dell), but so are their prices.  Shuttle and Niridia are the only manufacturers with capacities above average (considerably); and when compared with the price of Puget's system, they offer even greater value.

In terms of capacity, Niridia is pretty strong; staying within the green zone throughout all of the comparisons.  Hard drive capacity is - again - dependant on your needs.  If you like to download a lot of media, games, or various computer programs; its probably best you look for a system with ample room for all your downloads.  Looking at the charts in this comparison, it would seem both Niridia and Shuttle offer systems with large capacities; so what sets us apart?  Well if we take into consideration the previous comparisons, we can see that Shuttle's system offers considerably below average memory capacities (where Niridia, mostly, does not).  We also see that when comparing processing speed, Shuttle was consistently above average in speed - but so was its price (where Niridia's processor offerings - for the most part - matched the trend set by the average).  Looking at just the mid-level systems, Niridia pulls ahead as the best value, considering that we offer considerably more hard drive space  for the same price as Apple's Mac Mini.

But, then again, there are plenty of other features to consider along with the processing speed, and memory or hard drive capacities.  And for those, we present......tables!

Budget Models

Mid-Level Models

Maximum Models